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Last Updated October 24, 1998 9:00pm
Hello, and welcome to my page! this page is all about me; Tom Charles (troublecat)! In this page you will soon find links to all my favorite stuff! Phantom of The Opera, Metallica, Wrestling, and much more! So keep comin' back and checkin' me out! Later dayz!

Let me tell ya a little about myself, I'm 26, 5'7" and 280. Yes I know that I am overweight, but as of Sept. 30 I have lost 15 pounds on a great diet that actually works! I will be posting that here so anyone can use it.
I love music, art and art history, poetry, and just spending time with my friends (or my cat, Trouble)!
I'm a college student with a major in Criminal Justice, and I hope to one day work with children,as well have a couple of my own. That's my story up till now, if you would like to know anything else just ask!

SITE NEWS.............................................................. I am currently working on the complete Lyrics to Phantom of The Opera, as well as my first on-line short story. The other sections of the site will be up in a short while! Till then, God Bless!

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