A brief look at the life and times of Rhragg-Norr
Born on Togoria during the early years of the Second Togorian Cival War (79 years after Endor), he spent his younger years learning hunting, tracking, and warfare as was the custom of his clan. He also had a facination with other species, and space travel and reveled in hearing stories of the travels of his ancestors IN short time he became one of the most educated of his clan, learning all he could about other worlds and people, all the while blissfully ignorant of the re-born Empire and the Rebellion and the war that was going on.7 years later on the day of his assent to adulthood, (around 21 years in human years)his parents and nearly all others members of his clan were killed by what was later revealed to be members of the the Empire, had he not been going thru a rite of passage to adulthood he too would have been killed....or he could have saved them all a thought that haunts him to this day. His only proof of the attack which killed his family was the helmet of an Imperial scout trooper(which coincidently still contained the head of it's former owner) Less then 5 months later he ran into a man who himself has no past, or living relatives, the elusive mercanary pilot Cain Darkstar. Cain rescued him from a small squad of Stormtroopers who had captured him during the night, then he had sat back watching stunned as over the course of a week Rhragg-Norr had returned killing ever member of the post horriibly, always returning covered in blood and gore, somtimes still dripping from his mouth. Though the human didnt fully trust him For some reason even he himself still does not know he trusted Cain, and for the next few years travelled with him and learned how to use more modern weapons, and basic spacecraft operation,as well as some of the history of the empire and the rebellion,he drank in the knowlage learning all he could until they parted ways en-route to Corellia. Ever since then Rhragg-Norr has served as a bodygaurd,assassin, and mercanary , using his impressive size and strength to his every advantage. He is fond of testing potential comrades or enemies by playing dumb and at times refusing to speak Basic at all. Although he understands it perfectly, he can only speak in broken sentances..He's extremly short tempered with anyone with dealings with the Empire and has no problem killing ANY living being, whether it's human, togorian, wookie or ewok. Driven by revenge, and a so far incurable bloodlust he has and still hires himself out to this day. Recently, he has been seen around the Republic HQ, and he might in fact be working for them in some way.